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Riding in a bus with your family, you can imagine the warmth of a gentle summer breeze brushing against your skin. Enjoying the gorgeous sapphire-colored sea and pearl-like sand glistening in the sun, the family happily sings along with the Sunday radio music.

Heavy-duty Towing Basics

The bus swerved to the side of the road and stopped abruptly, taking away the excitement. Looking out the window, you saw that the bus’ tires were deformed. To continue your journey, you told yourself you would require a tow truck. Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with superior pulling power and cutting-edge wheel-lift technology to help you out in emergencies, such as accidents and rollovers. In addition, torque and horsepower play a major role in heavy-duty towing, as they determine the amount of force needed to move heavy machinery. Federal law requires that a person or company have a valid license before conducting any heavy-duty towing. This is essential if the driver plans to travel any significant distance. In this case, he or she would need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). To safely connect a heavy-duty tow truck to a vehicle, it is often necessary to have more than one person help.

A Good Heavy-duty Service Provider Should Have The Following Characteristics

Response time – Don’t waste any time when you have a roadside emergency. You and your passengers or cargo will be safer as a result. So, it’s important to understand when you can expect to receive towing services from your preferred towing company.

Equipment and experience are needed – When you are looking for a towing company, you want to make sure that they have been in business for a while and that they have a good reputation. You also want to check and see how well they maintain their equipment. This will help you to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Certification – When choosing a heavy-duty towing company, be sure to check that they are certified. A company’s history of providing high-quality services and positive feedback from customers is important in making sure you’re getting the best tow possible.

Some of the heaviest trucks that tow trucks can pull include:

  1. 5-wheeler trailers
  2. Buses and commercial buses
  3. Trucks, including dump trucks, garbage trucks, and cement trucks
  4. Semi-trucks
  5. Pine-hook trailers
  6. Semi-tractor trailers
  7. Motorhome towing
  8. Cranes and heavy equipment transportation

Heavy-duty Vehicles That Need To Be Towed

Tow trucks are designed to provide a unique combination of heavy-duty capability, intense rotation, extreme stability, and unmatched pulling capacity. This allows them to tow large and heavy vehicles safely and efficiently.
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